Dubrovnik Anticancer League Campaigning For Digital Mammography Equipment

Filantropski fond - Zajedno za zajednicu

The Dubrovnik Anticancer League President, Davor Miloglav has presented a donation on 275,962 HRK (over 37,000 EUR) to Marijo Bekić, Administrator of Dubrovnik General Hospital. The donation will be used for acquiring a Digital Mammography Equipment and it is collected on several fundraising events during 2017. The largest amount of 63,200 HRK (8,500 EUR) was collected on Tuesday, May 16th at the fundraising auction. The auction was held at the Dulčić Masle Pulitika Gallery, where 22 artists exhibited 23 paintings. The League also organized a fundraising sale of the Mimosa flower on Saturday, January 21st, as well as the sale of Daffodils on Saturday, March 25th.

The Dubrovnik Anticancer League, which is this year celebrating 50th anniversary, will continue to organize fundraising events and collect donations that will be used to obtain this valuable diagnostic machine.


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