Philanthropic Fund "Together for Community"

Philanthropic Fund "Together for Community"

The project Philanthropic Fund “Together for Community” started in November 2015 and is funded by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development’s Thematic Fund "Democratization and Civil Society 2.0".

The basic idea

The project establishes a Philanthropic Fund that collects funds to finance a series of civil actions that address and solve specific problems in the community. The Fund operates in a way that for each Croatian Kuna the National Foundation gives to the Fund, another Kuna is added to double the budget and the total amount is distributed through tenders to finance projects led by civil society organizations.

Tourist companies

That other Kuna is to be provided by different tourist companies who will show corporate social responsibility. The benefit for the tourist company is dual - On one hand, the company is socially responsible, involved in the development of a community, aware of the needs of that community, and learns to listen to the voice of the people living there, achieving a good relationship with the locals. On the other hand, the company has the right to participate in the programming of the tenders, thus contribute to the decision on which type of projects the Philanthropic Fund will finance. In that way, the company can be certain that the projects financed will have a real effect on the community and also fit its needs, that is solving the problems proposed in the project directly or indirectly affects the development of tourism in the local community (For example, better conditions for persons with disabilities make a clear influence on the landscaping of the community and affects the touristic offer).


Financial support for the establishment of the fund in the amount of HRK 250,000.00 is provided by the National Foundation for Civil Society Development.

The Fund is designed for tourism businesses along the coast of the Croatian territory and is aimed primarily at the development of local communities. By joining the fund company will demonstrate a concrete desire for corporate social responsibility and sustainable development in their environment, which will result in a strong synergy between the company and the local community.