For African Children

Filantropski fond - Zajedno za zajednicu

The Elementary School Ivan Mažuranić from Sibinj traditionally organized various fundraising activities for their project Za djecu Afrike - For African Children. During the last couple of months’ children prepared cakes, manufactured Easter decorations, cook old-fashioned Slavonia meals and collected 8,485 HRK (approx. 1,150 EUR). The entire amount will be donated to the Saint Francis of Assisi Elementary School from Moshi, Tanzania. The donation was presented on Friday, Jun 30th when guests from Tanzania pays a visit to Sibinj and spoke about their work.

Saint Francis is a primary school for students with disabilities and has over 300 students enrolled, ages 5 to 12 years. More than 60% of that number, approximately 190 students are living at the school with the teachers. Many of the students have hearing and visual impairments, but the school is also helping and protecting children who are Albino.


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